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We don't just design software - we deliver results

Our kitbag has been carefully crafted to help our customers leverage technology to drive top and bottom line growth. Driven by a mantra of Design & Technology, we've created a portfolio of solutions patterns, designed to help our customers make money or save money. Our solution-driven approach begins with clear problem definition to ensure we're not just deploying technology for technology's sake. That is easier said than done...


Our solution kitbag consists of 8 individual solution patterns that, once we truly begin to understand our customer's organization and their unique challenges, we customize and deploy to create a perfect fit.

Provoke's solution patterns have been developed to be either implemented as stand-alone or to combine as part of an enterprise platform; a system that delivers value far beyond the sum of its parts.

Internet Solutions

Provoke’s approach to web design combines optimal usability with aesthetic appeal, ease of management and business integration.

It is through the achievement of this delicate balance that we are able to create rewarding online experiences for both users and administrators, and that deliver on our clients strategic business goals.

Intranet Solutions

Since 2001 portals & collaboration have been at the heart of our business. We specialize in helping organizations communicate and share knowledge.

With over ten years of accumulated expertise from designing, developing and supporting some of the world's leading intranets and extranets, we truly believe there is nobody who does this better.

Workflow Solutions

Provoke’s unique workflow solutions redesign, streamline and automate everyday critical business processes, across both paper and digital formats.

Whether the goal is to drive out cost, improve customer service or find new efficiencies, the implementation of workflow will help any organization achieve more with its resources.

Custom Software

We bring custom development to bear where the business challenges faced are truly unique and where tight cross-platform integration is essential.

With our solutions running at the heart of some of the biggest banks, corporates and government agencies in the world we like think that with this in our kitbag there is no problem we can't solve.

Business Intelligence

Our BI solutions help shape and transform an organization’s data into the insights needed to drive decision making and unlock competitive advantage.

We assist our clients to remove the time-lag between business or market events and key decisions by getting concise, usable information into the hands of decision makers in real-time.

Cloud Solutions

We specialize in helping customers leverage the cloud in order to create new revenue, improve delivery models, lower costs, and reach new markets.

As acknowledgement of this, and of our early adoption and extensive track-record with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure technologies, Provoke has been recognized globally as one of the few Cloud Accelerate Partners.

Unified Communications

Our Unified Communications solutions combine our expertise with the latest technologies to connect businesses across media, devices and countries.

Microsoft's Lync platform allows organizations to connect with their customers and lower the cost of business, while gaining benefit from tight integration with core apps such as Outlook, SharePoint and Office.

Mobility Solutions

Our mobility solutions combine the power of enterprise software & mobile devices to bring businesses closer to their markets, and enable workforces.

Whether as an extension of existing systems such as CRM or ERP, or as a new end-to-end platform, our mobility solutions improve productivity, increase speed to market and transform customer relationships.