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Sarah Thomson, CEO, The Child Cancer Foundation

“Everyone is looking forward to getting online with our new intranet and the exciting new features around collaboration, video conferencing, and having a place to store/retrieve our documents. Our Christchurch Virtual Office, has really helped our team, who were dislocated from our office in the first quake, who can now work remotely.”

Cloud and Collaboration Solution



CCF are a national organization with centers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. They also have staff working in remote areas directly with their local communities. There was no ability for these geographically dispersed staff to collaborate, resulting in a large number of expensive weekly conference calls.

Adding to the difficulties, was the existing file share set-up which was making finding documents a challenge. The Foundation also relied on expensive, inflexible, aging servers. The risk of relying on physical servers became apparent when suddenly the Christchurch office was left displaced as a result of the earthquake.


A three stage project was proposed: Stage 1 was the development of a Staff, Board and Member Portal intranet based on SharePoint Online; Stage 2 was the deployment of a Virtual Office for Christchurch ; Stage 3 was the migration of all staff to Exchange Online and the introduction of OCS for voice and video.

The migration of user mailboxes to Hosted Exchange has removed both hardware and infrastructure costs for the Foundation.  Further to that, the high telco costs required to support a nationally diversified organization have been reduced by the use of OCS, and SharePoint Online for easier collaboration.


  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Office Communications Server (Now Lync)
  • SharePoint Online