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Blair Renwick, Project Manager, New Zealand Fire Service

"The site now provides a much more effective way for stakeholders, volunteers and public to find information and resources relating to the rural fire sector. It contributes to public safety by highlighting the daily risk of fire across the country. It has also simplified the process for understanding whether a permit is required to light a fire. The scrum methodology employed by Provoke made this one of the most collaborative client-supplier experiences we’ve ever had."

National Rural Fire Authority Public Website



The primary objective of National Rural Fire Authority (NRFA) is to reduce the number of wild fires in rural areas. The NRFA website is a major conduit in facilitating communications with their 3000 strong community of volunteer fire fighters, rural public and other stakeholders to achieve this goal.

However, the existing website only permitted single-user access, while the visual presentation required upgrading to better reflect the sophistication of NRFA as an organization. A new website with a user-friendly CMS, which would increase awareness and encourage public and volunteer engagement was called for.


Revolution of the site structure was in order to develop an effective web brand for the NRFA. Couple this with enabling 80 RFA officers to remotely update details vastly improved the relevancy and immediacy of information available. An upgraded meta data process further enhanced the content experience for all users.

Employing a flexible, agile methodology allowed NRFA to request changes and set priorities on a regular basis and the end result was a modern, professional, always up-to-date website which delivered on NRFA's organizational objectives. Increased user engagement demonstrates the site's success.


  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010