Provoke delivers Microsoft cloud transformation

Over the last year Provoke has worked hand in hand with Microsoft technical experts to reimagine our approach to cloud digital transformations. We have combined our many years of Azure expertise with Microsoft best practices to develop products that range from:

  • Consulting on best practice on implementing and adopting the Azure platform, focussing on platform governance, security, cost management and deployment planning.
  • App modernisation of legacy application onto modern platforms with a strong focus on DevOps processes and automation.
  • Support and hosting, providing expertise and resources to help customers manage their applications in Azure.
  • Migration services that reduce operating costs with minimal downtime.

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate from Provoke helps businesses get safely and securely to the Cloud while maximizing existing application, virtual machine, and data technology investments. We see this as the first step to unlocking the power of the cloud. Provoke’s team of Cloud Architects, Engineers and Developers will help you every step of the way, providing peace of mind during your business transformation activities.

The Provoke team will assess your current environments, people, and processes to define a tailored migration approach. This approach will include setting up your Azure platform’s monitoring, security and governance models, and upskilling of your internal team. As part of the migration, workloads will be refactored to be cloud optimized and cost-effective.

Benefits of Moving to Azure

Scale in the Cloud

Grow your userbase locally and globally without sacrificing the performance, security or reliability of your applications.

Reduce Costs

Reduce operating and hosting costs by moving off aging hardware and technology stacks. Leverage the Cloud to speed up development and improve security and reliability of your applications.

Future Proof

By combining modern Azure services, technologies, architecture, and DevOps practices we will enable you to continue to operate and evolve your applications in an ever-changing world.

Our Approach

Provoke has developed a tried and tested approach to Azure migration to Microsoft Azure based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. We take a systematic approach to ensure that your assets are securely migrated with minimal downtime by following industry best practice.

Step 1: Assess

  • Review current operating environment including hosting, security, workloads, technologies, people, and processes

Step 2: Plan

  • Identify pilot workloads
  • Design refactoring of workloads to optimize for the Cloud
  • Design on-going DevOps and support approach
  • Create detailed migration plan

Step 3: Migrate

  • Script environments and Infrastructure as Code
  • Configure Azure platform and infrastructure including monitoring, alerts, policies, security and cost management
  • Automate migration
  • Cutover production systems

Step 4: Maintain

  • Define support processes and tooling
  • Implement CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment
  • Upskill your team to enable ongoing support or let Provoke look after it for you

Want to find out more?

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