Stop the Transformation Madness

It’s 10:30 a.m. on Monday morning. Crowds chat and shuffle around the convention hall. Banners hang everywhere, and flyers litter the hallways while people hand out promotional gift bags by an endless row of booths. “Transform or Die” flashes across the monitors followed by the logo of a major consulting firm. Again, there’s a form of that word — “transformation” — repeated over and over as if it’s the solution to every problem.

In fact, this is the big lie of big consulting: Not everything needs to be about transformation, and it’s the transformation projects themselves that often fail.

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About the Author

Andy Lin is Chief Executive Officer at Provoke Solutions. Andy provides strategic direction and oversees all aspects of Provoke’s business.  Andy started his career in Management and Technology Consulting with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) nearly 30 years ago as a software engineer and has worked for a number of small to medium-sized consulting firms since then.

Andy is hands-on with delivery teams and works with clients to help shape and refine strategy and tactics to deliver working software to delight and service end-users that deliver value to the enterprise.  He has been involved with numerous transformation and strategic initiatives from definition to execution, and now evangelizes the merits of taking action and experimentation as the most effective means to realize innovation outcomes without the risk and overhead of “big bet transformation” plays.

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