Provoke's service offering has been designed to enable digital transformation. Our expertise ranges from user experience design through to crafting and maintaining software.

Service Offering

Supporting and enhancing business operations by building large-scale, complex software solutions for corporate and public sector customers.

App Modernization

Whether migrating to the cloud, improving user experience, re-architecting to increase agility and speed or enhancing your application with AI capabilities, we will work with you to extend the value of your existing software.

Azure Strategy & Migration

Increase speed, scale and agility by re-architecting for the cloud. Provoke will work with you to plan your most effective migration path to Azure, unlocking a range of additional capabilities to enhance your application.

AI & Machine Learning

Whether it’s through machine learning, natural language processing, chatbots or automation in general, we will help you spot opportunities, eliminate barriers to innovation and develop exciting new solutions using our AI and Machine Learning expertise.

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Conquering the paper mountain by taking documents to the cloud.

Helping our customers tackle multi-channel opportunities and creating cohesive customer experiences with a single view of the customer.

Service Design

Great service isn’t just a matter of chance; it can be purposefully designed. Using customer and staff insights, we will help you craft an optimal customer experience considering all touch points between people, processes and technologies.

Customer Portals

Enhance and align your digital channels so your customers can engage with you anytime, anywhere. Whether its web based, mobile or utilizing virtual assistants, we will build solutions that enrich your digital experience.

Internet of Things

Improve the service you offer through remote monitoring or predictive maintenance. Provoke will design solutions that enhance your business operation and help you make the most of the data you capture.

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Optimization through user-based research.

Empowering and engaging employees to enhance productivity using tools offered by the Microsoft 365 platform.

Employee Experience Design

Increase productivity by creating an optimized and engaging workplace. Provoke research a collection of human, environmental and technology factors to produce a blueprint for your employee experience.

M365 Adoption & Change Management

Realizing true business value from M365 requires more than just rolling out the technology. Provoke will create and implement an M365 change management plan that enables key success factors for a modern workplace and maximizes end user adoption.

Process Automation

Drive efficiency and empower your staff to focus on higher value tasks by implementing technology enabled solutions to automate business processes. Provoke will work with you to design your processes to make the most of digital capabilities.

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Building smarter solutions through closer collaboration

Product Partners

We leverage the capabilities of our product partners to optimize our software solutions.

Microsoft Competencies

Provoke's relationship with Microsoft has earned us competencies in the cloud, communication and collaboration spaces. We are proudly Microsoft-centric, building solutions offering scale, flexibility and functionality to our customers.

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