Creating a Unified Seeds
Certification Experience

A National Agricultural Regulatory Body, a key player in a nation’s significant seed industry, encountered major hurdles with its antiquated certification framework. The system, with an inefficient mix of manual tasks and fragmented digital processes, was impeding the industry’s ability to meet evolving regulatory and customer demands. Recognizing the need for a radical overhaul, they turned to Provoke. With our extensive experience in technology architecture and agile methodologies, we were tasked with developing a new, state-of-the-art Seed Certification Information System (SCIS). This system was not only designed to enhance current operations but also to catalyze future growth in the industry.

A National Agricultural Regulatory Body, responsible for critical assurance processes in a prominent seed industry, was constrained by an outdated certification system. This system, a cumbersome mix of manual operations and disjointed digital workflows, was a significant bottleneck. To address this urgent need for modernization, the authority sought the expertise of Provoke through a detailed two-stage tender process, beginning with a discovery phase and followed by the construction phase.

The necessity for a modern, efficient, precise, and robust seed certification system was apparent. Such a system was designed to safeguard the seed industry, meet both current and future regulatory and customer needs, and facilitate industry growth. Provoke developed a Seed Certification Information System, managing data from varietal selection to customer distribution, ensuring data integrity and user-friendliness through agile development and iterative releases.

This system will protect the seed industry, valued at $265 million, by offering real-time isolation alerts to reduce cross-pollination risks. Collaboration with a National Agricultural Regulatory Body ensures compliance with stringent legislative standards. The phased deployment strategy, tailored to conservative audiences, focuses on smooth integration and full utilization by the harvest season, incorporating user feedback and training for successful adoption.

“Client quotes goes here… Soteria, a fintech startup established by the Bridgewest Group in New Zealand, was poised to revolutionize the financial sector. Their vision was to bring investors and property lenders together”
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