The No-Nonsense Methodology for Rapid Product Development

Do you find yourself in meetings, looking at digital ideas on a PowerPoint but unsure of how to make them a reality? If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses struggle to bridge the gap between strategy and execution without breaking the bank.

That’s where our Provoke Go methodology comes in.

The journey began on a cold snowy day at the Provoke office as we worked tirelessly on a new B2C digital offering for a major US carrier. For six months, we poured our time and resources into the project, attending workshops, going back and forth with engineering, and implementing to the clients’ requests. We wanted to create something great, but the process was frustratingly slow and inefficient.

By the time we were ready to launch, the client pulled out of the project, leaving our team feeling defeated. All those months of work went to waste… We knew there had to be a better way to develop products that wouldn’t waste so much time.

Determined to find a solution, we began to experiment with new approaches to product development. Our team broke down the process into a series of sprints, each focused on delivering specific features and functionality. It was like a flurry of activity, with the team working in sync to build something quickly and efficiently, much like the snow falling outside.

After months of refining the process, we launched a new offering Provoke Go, dedicated to delivering Minimum VALUABLE Products to market in 90 days. Whether its experimenting with new technologies like Blockchain or simply trying move from Excel to a Digital Product, we are focused on driving outcomes through rapid delivery and learning.

Our Rapid Incubation Services

Minimum Viable

15 Days to Actionable
Implementation Plan

Minimum Valuable

Starting from
$90k MVP to Test Market in 90 days or less

With Provoke GO, move from theory to action leveraging our two-step methodology:

Step 1: Define Minimum VIABLE Plan (15 Days) 

It starts with a minimum VIABLE plan in just 15 days. We’ll work with you on identifying the right use case on your roadmap that will deliver upon your business needs. Together, we’ll rapidly define an actionable implementation plan – prioritize the right features to validate with your test market.

Step 2: Deliver Minimum VALUABLE Product (90 Days or less) 

In 90 days or less, our cross-functional team will work to build working software that you can release to your target pilot market. 

Your journey starts Now.

Schedule your free consultation and let Provoke Go help you get to market in 90 days or less.