Elevating Data Intelligence
in the Robotics Industry


A prominent global robotics and electronics company faced a critical challenge: optimizing its data management processes. With operations spanning over 60 countries, the company struggled with manual, error-prone, and time-consuming data capture and reporting methods. This inefficiency hindered their visibility into crucial aspects like product shipments, sales, inventory, and market trends. Provoke was approached to revolutionize their data handling, aiming to enhance accuracy and save valuable time.

The global robotics company, with its extensive market presence, was grappling with inefficient data management that relied heavily on manual input. This not only led to significant errors but also placed undue reliance on individual staff members, causing delays and inconsistencies in data analysis.

Provoke stepped in to overhaul this system. Our approach was to seamlessly integrate with the customer’s existing teams, acting as an extension to expedite the implementation of new functionalities. The primary objective was to achieve full automation in data ingestion, error-checking, and validation, thereby eliminating the manual bottlenecks that plagued their process.

Utilizing a suite of cutting-edge technologies, including Microsoft Azure, Azure Data Lake, Logic Apps, and Power BI, Provoke crafted a solution tailored to the company’s unique needs. This solution was not just about automation; it incorporated advanced security features, audit balance, and robust administrative controls, ensuring data integrity and compliance.

The transformation was profound. The company now benefits from the Rapid Autonomous Data Analytics solution, a cloud-based platform that unifies data ingestion and reporting. This solution’s fully elastic architecture allows for effortless scaling to meet the company’s evolving requirements. Additional storage, computing resources, and licensing can now be provisioned with zero downtime, a critical factor for a company operating on a global scale.

The robotics company experienced a remarkable improvement in data accuracy and a substantial reduction in time spent on data management. This efficiency gain not only streamlined their internal processes but also provided them with a competitive edge in the fast-paced electronics and robotics industry.


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