Smart Content Metadata

Aggregation with Curated Learning

Microsoft, with its extensive global resources including sites, portals, and blogs for IT professional education, faced the challenge of efficiently consolidating and auditing this vast content. To address this, they shifted towards an intelligent ingestion service. This service is designed to crawl through various content sources, curating and cataloging information based on relevance and quality, thereby enhancing the search experience for users by making it smarter, faster, and more relevant.

Microsoft’s objective was to improve the discoverability of content for IT professionals, streamlining their access to a wealth of educational resources. Provoke played a pivotal role in investigating how a smart ingestion engine could accelerate this process.

The focus was on consuming content metadata, which allowed the content to remain in its original source repository without the need for additional platform development. The solution’s curation feature enabled the categorization of certain content into a Learning Pathway, making it accessible to users through any interface or Learning Management System. This innovative approach meant ingesting a variety of digital assets, including videos, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations, from over 30 sources such as YouTube, MSDN, TechNet, and LinkedIn Learning. 


A key aspect of the engine is its continuous learning and improvement capabilities. It enhances the quality of data presented through effective tagging and categorization. The engine also identifies duplications and outdated data, facilitating clean-up and ensuring the relevance and accuracy of information. Intelligent, auto-scaling load management is another crucial feature, ensuring optimal performance as the volume of content grows and new sources are added for curation.

Built on Azure, this service is designed for rapid scaling. It allows for quick addition of new sources through a smart interface, ensuring that the system remains agile and responsive to the evolving needs of IT professionals seeking knowledge.

The implementation of this intelligent ingestion service by Microsoft marks a significant advancement on how IT professionals access and utilize educational content. It not only simplifies the process of finding relevant information but also ensures that the content is up-to-date and of high quality, thereby enhancing the overall learning experience. 

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