User Research Redefines Banking Customer Journey

The Co-operative Bank, serving around 161,000 customers across New Zealand with banking, services, loans, and insurance, embarked on a mission to enhance its digital join process. This initiative was part of the bank’s vision to create a customer experience that not only meets but delights its users. The goal was to understand and implement what was necessary to deliver and support an industry-leading experience for both customers and employees.

The Co-operative Bank, in its commitment to improving customer interaction and satisfaction, recognized the need to refine its digital join process. Provoke was engaged to develop current state service design blueprints, detailing the customer journey across various touchpoints with the bank. Utilizing service design methodologies, Provoke meticulously mapped out customer motivations, goals, and challenges in the processes of joining, borrowing, and seeking help. This exploration included all touchpoints between customers and The Co-operative Bank, considering both staff and customer perspectives to gauge the impact of these interactions on their overall experience.

Provoke’s approach encompassed extensive research, involving both customers and employees. This was achieved through a series of workshops and interviews, aimed at gathering in-depth insights. A critical component of this research was a usability review of the digital join mobile application, assessing whether it posed any barriers to the joining process. Additionally, user observational testing was conducted within the contact center and bank branches, offering a holistic view of the interplay between employees, customers, and technology. 

As a result of this comprehensive analysis, The Co-operative Bank gained a complete understanding of the pain points in its digital join process. This knowledge has enabled the bank to prioritize improvements effectively and optimize its operations. The insights gathered from this project are instrumental in guiding the bank toward achieving its vision of an industry-leading customer and employee experience, ensuring that every interaction with the bank is as seamless and satisfying as possible.


“Client quotes goes here… Soteria, a fintech startup established by the Bridgewest Group in New Zealand, was poised to revolutionize the financial sector. Their vision was to bring investors and property lenders together”
Jack Bryant , VP – Product and Technology | About Golf


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