Augmented Reality Pilot Validates Product Expansion Roadmap


Volt, a leader in omnichannel engagement technology for large retailers, faced a dual challenge. An outdated legacy architecture hampered its flagship Retail Vendor Relationship Management product. At the same time, Volt aimed to launch innovative products to expand and differentiate its market presence.

Volt, at a pivotal point in its evolution, was not only focused on rejuvenating its Retail Vendor Relationship Management product but also eager to venture into new, innovative territories. Provoke, known for its ability to incubate and scale emerging technologies, was the ideal partner for this ambitious endeavor.

In the realm of product innovation, Provoke significantly contributed to the development of Volt’s pioneering an augmented reality product. Recognizing the urgency of quick market entry, the Provoke development team efficiently executed a custom pilot in just 8 weeks. Showcased to a major retailer, this pilot was crucial in determining the market viability of the new product.


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